Day: September 14, 2018

What is a Professional Picture?

"A professional picture is one taken by a professional photographer"  When applying for various jobs in the entertainment, media, hospitality, advertising and event industries, a professional picture is often required for you to scale through the first phase of your interview. Very often , people do not know what a professional picture is meant to look like. We have listed some features of professional pictures here so you can easily get on

How to apply for event hostess jobs and get selected

So now you have finally found the event planners and staffing agencies you would like to work for and you're thinking of how best to approach them to join their agency. Here's how you can do that: Methods of application: By asking them how you can apply. By finding out their application method yourself. By just applying. 1. Asking them how to apply: When you're contacting event hostess agency to join them, don't just jump into their DM