How to apply for event hostess jobs and get selected

So now you have finally found the event planners and staffing agencies you would like to work for and you’re thinking of how best to approach them to join their agency. Here’s how you can do that:

Methods of application:

  1. By asking them how you can apply.
  2. By finding out their application method yourself.
  3. By just applying.

1. Asking them how to apply:

When you’re contacting event hostess agency to join them, don’t just jump into their DM or email and just say “hi” or “I want to join your ushers” and expect a reply. No! write a meaningful message that would get their attention; tell them why you are a good fit for their agency.

For example:

“Good day Ma, my name is XYZ, a 300 level  student of XYZ university/B.Sc holder in XYZ from XYZ University.

Over the times, I have gathered professional experience in receiving, catering for and coordinating event guest while working as an event hostess/model/school parties/church events etc and I believe I can utilize my skills to deliver quality services working in your agency as one of your event hostesses/ushers.

I would like to inquire how to apply in your agency and I look forward to your feedback and joining your team. Thank you.”

With a short message like that, you have created a positive impression of your qualities and professionalism and the agency would be prompted to respond with a feedback of how you can join them.

2. Finding out their application method yourself:

Some agencies already have a structured system for recruiting their event hostesses which is clearly written down in their websites, social media pages or posts. This could be to fill their online forms in their websites or to send some required details to their email. So if you do your due diligence properly, you would find that information somewhere.

So that way, you can simply follow their instruction and they would receive it and get back to you. You can also follow up your application with a DM to them on social media, informing them that you have just sent in your application and you are awaiting their feedback.

2. Just applying:

This method is very effective when jobs or recruitment adverts are broadcasted via social media. This is usually an online audition, so you have to bring on your A-game. Make your application professional.

Send in the following to the contact given:

Note: Some agencies require you to send in your CVs when applying while others don’t. Read the broadcast message properly to be sure of the requirements when applying.

This application method can also be applied even when there are no broadcast or casting call. You can also just go right ahead and apply to any event hostess you find online with the details above.

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