What is a Professional Picture?

“A professional picture is one taken by a professional photographer” 

When applying for various jobs in the entertainment, media, hospitality, advertising and event industries, a professional picture is often required for you to scale through the first phase of your interview.

Very often , people do not know what a professional picture is meant to look like. We have listed some features of professional pictures here so you can easily get one for yourself and identify them in your photo galleries.

Professional pictures are not limited to pictures of one individual, they also include pictures for documentary and exhibition purposes at events, public places on interest, weddings, large gatherings, products, objects, animals etc. But in this article, we would be concentrating on individual professional pictures that can be used for job applications.

Features of professional pictures:

  1. High resolution.
  2. Good background.
  3. Great posture.
  4. Appropriate facial expression.
  5. Camera focus.

1. High resolution:

You cannot apply for jobs with pictures of less than 200Kb that would go blurry when zoomed. A professional picture should have a resolution ranging from 500Kb to 3Mb, with sharp image visual and balanced lightening.

This feature may not be attainable with a mobile phone camera, it is advisable to use a professional camera. Even when a phone camera picture size is as large as 5Mb, the image sharpness and light balance would never be as good as that taken with a professional camera.

2. Good background:

What comes to mind when we think of good background is the plain-coloured background we get at photo studios. Yes, plain backgrounds are great but professional pictures are no longer limited to plain backgrounds.

Creative photographers take it to the market place, airports, train station, parks, galleries and even ghetto, depending on the kind of story they want to tell with the picture.

So you can also shoot your professional photo sessions in outdoor backgrounds.

3. Great Postures:

The poses you strike in your pictures makes or mars the picture for professional use. You cannot pose squatting, showing off your butt or boobs, spreading out your legs or lying down. A professional picture should show you smartly and appropriately seated or standing with every part of your body clearly visible.

4. Appropriate facial expression:

You cannot be pouting, winking on have your tongue out in a professional picture. Your facial expression should convey a strong personality of yourself in a way that exudes confidence and professionalism.

5. Camera Focus:

This is where your photographer shows a great deal of professionalism in capturing where matters. You can’t have your head, hands or other parts of your body cut off the picture. While there are creative pictures where the focus of the picture is to capture the environment, they would never have any parts of the individuals in the pictures cut off.

In cases where the environment is not part of the story of the picture, a professional photographer is expected to blur the background bringing the visual focus on you only.

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