About Our Founder

Maria Ebenezer is an ex-Model and a Serial Event Staffing Entrepreneur

As the Founder of Emerald Green Ushering Services, Maria has built a premium event staffing agency that secured a global partnership and staffed major West Africa conferences and exhibitions held in Nigeria.

In addition to setting up the premier training platform for event staff in Nigeria, Maria has staffed events and marketing campaigns for over 50 globally renowned corporate businesses across 20 countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa, including Global Trade Review, Global Real Estate Institute, International Data Corporation, National Insurance Commission, to mention a few.

Maria Ebenezer

Maria is an Award Winning Entrepreneur that has gained international media attention

Maria is a CREA Global Awards Honoree 2021, a Cherie Blair Foundation Mentee Alumna 2021 and Nigeria’s 25under25 Awards Nominee 2018. 

She has been published in international media outlets, including She Leads Africa, Brainz Magazine, Woman.ng, Africa Entrepreneurs Social Network (Apreneur) to mention a few.

Over the years, Maria has built a hyphenate career

With an educational background in International Business Management, she started off her career as a Model.

After years of being on TV screens and magazines, Maria founded Emerald Green Ushering Services in 2015 out of a dire need to raise the standard of event staffing in Nigeria, and has hired more than 100 hostesses across several states in Nigeria.

Maria has trained and mentored event staff, event entrepreneurs and business owners

In 2018, Maria established The Pro Event Hostess platform which has provided free training to 1,600 young women across Nigeria on how to maximize ushering job opportunities in the event staffing industry, working as event hostesses.

Beyond growing her businesses, Maria has since then mentored and coached event entrepreneurs and business owners on her best practices and tools to scale their businesses through her online courses and speaking engagements.

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