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Are you exhibiting your products or services at Beauty West Africa 2023, you have found your reliable partner for the event.

Emerald Green Ushering Services is the supplier of the exhibition hostesses who held the entire event attendants spellbound at Beauty West Africa 2019 – creating the highest visibility for exhibitors who hired us at this busy international exhibition.

Beauty West Africa is the largest gathering of the beauty experts and beauty product manufacturers in West Africa. More than just an exhibition. The next edition is slated for November 28 – 30, 2023 in Lagos, Nigeria.

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5 reasons why you should hire our exhibition hostesses for your stand at Beauty West Africa 2023

1. Attractive Appearance:

Emerald Green Ushering services supplies extremely beautiful and attractive exhibition hostesses for your stand, dressed in elegant uniforms (at no extra cost) to match your brand’s theme and special requirements.

Our hostesses’ smile, friendliness and physical attraction naturally always draws attention to your stand, and the hostesses, in turn, channel this attention to your business – creating an engaging and interactive atmosphere with prospects and potential customers at your stand.

At Beauty West Africa 2019, our exhibition hostesses created a massive stare when they attracted and skillfully diverted the entire visitors at the event to our client’s stands, leaving other exhibitors with little or no business engagements.

2. Experience and Expertise:

Emerald Green Ushering Services exhibition hostesses are not just attractive, but professional, intelligent, ICT proficient, possess excellent marketing and communication skills, business-oriented and business degree educated.

We have successfully initiated and sealed distributorship and partnership deals for high-end businesses at several international exhibitions and tradeshows and we are already well familiar with Beauty West Africa exhibition. We are excellent brand communicators who know exactly what to say and how to say it.

We have the ability to spot good business leads, collect and collate data of prospects, converse intelligently about your products to potential leads and achieve your business goals for the events.

3. Reliability:

You can always depend on Emerald Green Ushering Services to not only show up, but show up at their best, all the time. Upon contact, you would receive the pictures and profiles of our shortlisted hostesses to select your most preferred choice and have your selected hostesses turn up at your stand without any disappointment.

Emerald Green Ushering Services has a track record of having our hostesses resuming earlier than our clients, to set up the stand and grab the early bird customers first. This is why we always request our clients to register each of their selected hostesses as part of their exhibiting team for the event.

4. Customer Service:

Emerald Green Ushering Services is 100% committed to clients’ (both prospective and existing) satisfaction. We simplify our communication channels to suit each client’s preference and convenience. Whether you prefer to contact us via emailWhatsappphone, or booking form, we are open to switching over to your preferred communication channel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

From first contact, to booking process and completion of job, we ensure that our clients are happy and satisfied with our hostesses’ performance. We listen carefully to your requirements, provide exactly the hostesses that match your needs, supervise the hostesses, ask for your onsite feedback and make changes where necessary to ensure that we serve you better.

5. Dependable Partner:

Emerald Green Ushering Services’ main business goal is to ensure that our client’s business goals are met and exceeded at the exhibition. We go over and beyond to guarantee this.

In many cases, we use our personal connections to execute client’s tasks and run errands to assist our client’s businesses during and after the event.

When you hire Emerald Green Ushering Services exhibition hostesses, you are hiring staff, assistants and partners for your business. You are sure of meeting and exceeding your business goals at Beauty West Africa 2023.

If you’re exhibiting at Beauty West Africa in Lagos, Nigeria, bookings are now open at Emerald Green Ushering Services for exhibition hostesses for your stand.

You can fill out our booking form (in 2 minutes), send an email or chat on whatsapp to place your bookings and we would respond to your request within 24 hours.

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