How to train your Ushers and Event Staff


If you’ve been wondering how to set up a standard professional training for ushers and event staff in your agency, or you’re not sure of what the job of your event staff should be at a particular event, then you’re in luck.

This article walks you through the step by step method to set up a training structure for your agency that would enable you to raise a professional team of hostesses that would deliver an exceptional professional service that exceeds client’s expectations.

No, having a professional team does not mean hostesses with job experience. In our experience, hostesses without job experience that undergo our training have turned out to be far more professional than hostesses with over 7 years of work experience. Experience is not equal to professionalism.

Training your team of hostesses goes beyond teaching them their job descriptions. It entails the orientation and culture you embed in them when representing your brand and some more.

There are 3 sections to structure your training if you want to raise a badass team of professional event staff. Don’t go looking for a client if you haven’t gotten this right. Please don’t!

  1. Professional data documentation
  2. Agency’s Code of Conduct or Policy
  3. Job description

Section 1: Professional data documentation

Do a quick check of your hostesses’ Professional Data Documentation:

  • Do you have a database of all your recruited hostesses?

No, we don’t mean names and phone numbers – We mean professional pictures, CVs and personal information of all your hostesses?

  • Can you provide 20 of these data in 10 minutes to a client?
  • Does these data meet professional standard that corporate organizations requires? (You would know when it does).
  • Can you mobilize 20 of your hostesses for a job in a 24-hour notice?

If your answers to the above questions are not all YES, follow the next lines closely…

As explained in details in the course, The Event Staffing Roadmap, you need to have a designated recruitment system to find and groom your team of hostesses. No, you can’t just pick ladies from Instagram or your family and friends and make them your hostesses. You should want event staff that you can recommend with confidence and be guaranteed of their performance anywhere.

We get applications in our agency every single day, but we ensure that every hostess that joins us undergoes our standard recruitment process before becoming a part of us.

Do this next:

REQUEST FOR APPLICATIONS – Ask all your event staff to submit 4 professional pictures and CV (a CV is optional depending on the kind of events you manage)

The professional pictures and CVs have to be of the standard that you have set for your agency. Ensure that the data they submit are such that you would be proud to present to multinational companies.

Those who complete this requirement successfully should move into your agency’s private online platform. This could be a Whatsapp or Telegram group or any social media group you prefer.

Now it’s time to orient them on your agency’s code of conduct or policies.

Section 2: Agency’s Code of Conduct or Policy

Has someone ever told you this?  The moment I saw those hostesses, I knew they were from your agency?

This is what happens when you have created a brand culture and then oriented your entire team of hostesses to follow that culture. Today, we are showing you how to do this.

Start by setting a professional code of conduct for your agency. Then go on to have it clearly spelt out in a document and have each of your hostess consent to the document.

Now you’re wondering what your code of conduct should be. It is simply the abiding terms of your agency which states what you expect of your staff throughout their employment period.

The information you should have in your code of conduct includes but are not limited to:

  1. Dress code – shoe colours, hairstyles, makeup, basic uniforms, etc.
  2. Resumption time
  3. Payment method
  4. Work culture – e.g no use of mobile phones, chitchatting or chewing gums
  5. Disciplinary actions for certain behaviours

Once you have set up your code of conducts, draw up a registration form that would capture a detailed personal information of your hostesses and include your code of conducts in them.  Have them read it carefully, complete, sign and submit this registration form.

You can now proceed to the final stage which is teaching them how to do their jobs.

Section 3: Job description

Have you wondered why every standard organization has the job roles of each staff written down in their employee contract, even when the staff being hired has over 10 years of experience in their field? It is just to make sure there are no false assumptions of what is expected of their services.

So it doesn’t matter if the hostesses in your agency have been ushering for 10 years; after recruitment, you must provide a professional training set up as a standard by your agency for them. Remember, experience is not equal to professionalism.

This training gives your event staff a clear overview of what is expected of their service at every given event, especially for hostesses with no previous experience in ushering.

Also, you may find that your agency is hired for an event type you have never worked at. For example, when a client hires your agency for an exhibition, but you’re only used to weddings. You may be lost on what your hostesses’ job role is supposed to be.

Not to worry, we’ve got your back! We have put together the diverse roles in the event staffing industry with their detailed job description all in one manual… and you can get it right now!

In this manual, you would find:

  • 6 core skills and qualifications that every usher and event staff in your
    agency must possess.
  • 8 types of event staff jobs for corporate and social events with detailed descriptions of the job roles.
  • Video links to watch how each role is carried out practically by real event staff working at events.

You can copy the job roles applicable to the nature of service your agency provides and use it to create the training manual for your agency.

Grab your copy of The Event Staff Training Manual

how to train ushers and event hostesses


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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this deep information. I got the Training Manual and the contents inside were GOLD! I got to know about so many types of jobs we can do in ushering and exactly how to do them.

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