Our hostesses are elegant, smart and well-mannered ladies who understand that hospitality is an important part of an event. All our hostesses have experience working in high profile luxury environments, looking after guests and clients and creating an organised and comfortable atmosphere.

We carefully select every hostess, ensuring that their looks, qualifications and personality are such that we are proud to personally know, can always recommend with confidence and perfectly compliment the high-end clients with whom we work.

All our hostesses are experts at paying attention to all the little details you don’t have time to think about when your event is in full swing making your VIP guests feel welcomed and ensure that they are well catered for.

Our hostesses are available to:

  • Manage your front reception desk, greet guests and run a busy guest-list.
  • Provide a VIP and welcoming hospitality impression to your clients and guests.
  • Mingle with guests, make sure their food and drinks needs are met.
  • Wear themed costumes to represent a theme at your event.
  • Efficiently run a cloakroom and look after your guests’ belongings.
  • Assist with smooth running of event activities.
  • Distribute goody bags and souvenirs to guests at the end of the events.
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