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ABOUT OUR CLIENT – Gluta Cosmetic, France.

Gluta Cosmetic is an independent French company established by Amelie Ngo Nanga, a Franco-Cameroonian beauty therapist with 25 years’ experience.

Having seen the damages caused by most lightening products to her clients, Amelie together with an American doctor have designed a high quality range of lightening product called GLUTA-LINE.

GLUTA-LINE products are intended for ethnic skins, they are elaborated with natural ingredients and are manufactured in the USA, by a laboratory at the forefront of new technologies in compliance with international standards.


This 3-day international exhibition had in attendance all beauty experts from around the world. Our Promotional staff worked with Gluta Cosmetic – pulling customers to their stand to buy the products, marketing the products to target visitors and arranging distributorship deal meetings with the company’s partners.

From sales, to distributorship brokering and product marketing, we’ve got all the goals exceeded.

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