Insurance Directors’ Conference

Our hostesses at Insurance Directors’ Conference

ABOUT OUR CLIENT – College of Insurance and Financial Management, Nigeria.

College of Insurance and Financial Management was established to provide long lasting solutions to manpower training and development problems of the insurance industry in Nigeria.

Their objectives includes continuous identification of the manpower needs of the Nigerian insurance industry and providing training in such areas. To form a pool of experts, teachers and trainers at the national and international level for teaching risk management, insurance and financial management. To develop and design various insurance training modules, books and course materials.To conduct mandatory training programmes for various insurance industry personnel.


Our Conference hostesses carried out the following duties:

  • Reception, registration and signing in of delegates and speakers.
  • Microphone roaming duties for Q & A sessions.
  • Answering conference queries.
  • Activity halls directions.


In addition to excellently carrying out these duties, our hostesses added glamour and colour of the event.

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