Nigeria LPG Summit

Our hostesses at NLPG Summit

We worked with 2 international clients at the Nigeria LPG Summit 2019. Our exhibition worked with Mim-Mak, Turkey and Ilyas & Brothers, Pakistan at their stands.
ABOUT OUR CLIENT – Mim-Mak, Turkey.

The Mim-Mak company produce all kind of steel constructions, normalization processes, containers, LPG tanks, underground and above-ground storage tanks.

ABOUT OUR CLIENT – Ilyas & Brothers, Pakistan.

Ilyas & Brothers are manufacturers and exporter of Plastic Seal, Caps, Mineral Water botle caps for 19 Ltr/5galon, Indicators for Motorcycles, Back lights for CNG Rkshaw and many more products.


At expo, our hostesses assisted our client in English interpretation for our Turkish clients during sales meetings and engaging potential customers at their stands:

  • Setting up the brand and marketing materials at the stand.
  • Visitors reception and product orientation.
  • Product marketing and sampling.
  • Capturing of data of business prospects.
  • Scheduling of meeting with Company’s Sales Manager.
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